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Deb Moreland - Owner

I strive and instill in my team to Be The Best! In order to achieve this you must first believe that you are the best and 2nd you must strive to achieve what you want. My organization is built on McDonald's standards. If one does not have values and high standards it is almost impossible to be successful.

I started my McDonald's career in 1979 as a Manager Trainee. McDonald's provided an opportunity for me to grow. By working hands on in the restaurant I learned that people are the backbone of a business success. Many of you may say one can never be successful flipping burgers in McDonald's I say to you that flipping burgers provided me the foundation for my future.

On a personal side I have a Masters degree in Business Management. I was a single mom since my son was two years old. Today I share all of this with you so that you know that I am just like many of you. We share some of the same obstacles. For many of you who work at fast food restaurants I am sure you have been made fun of for flipping burgers. To those single parents, I know that times get hard and it doesn't seem like you will ever get a head. I have been in your shoes and I say to you stay focus on your goals, strive to be the best and don't let any hurdle get in your way. For every hurdle there is away to go over it, around it or under it.

Today I own six McDonald's restaurants in the Jacksonville area. I would like to open the doors for others who would like to achieve success.

These are some of my strengths that helped me to be successful:

Positive Attitude
Professional Appearance
Made each and every customer #1
Trained and developed my team
Professional Behavior
Respected my leaders and my peers
Worked hard for what I wanted!

David McNair - Area Supervisor

David has seen his growth with the McDonald's from opening biscuit maker back in 1984 to Director of operations in the Philadelphia region. He relocated to Florida in 2005 with his family taking on a supervisory role. McDonalds has afforded David with many opportunities: travel, teaching, education and even a Tv commercial. He says "What makes this job special are all the people that I come in contact with. I look forward to everyday as a challenge to learn and teach one another." David takes to heart what Ray had said " none of us are as good as all of us."

Kalima Rose - General Manager

Kalima is the quiet storm. You may not hear her but she gets the job done. When Kalima came to McDonald€„¢s as a swing manager she knew nothing about McDonald's, but she knew the basics and what it took to make her customers happy. In less than 1½ years Kalima was promoted to Store Manager. If you talk to Kalima she will tell you that McDonald's offers opportunities for growth. She will tell you that working at McDonald's sometimes gets tough and each day there is a different challenge. It is the challenge and the people that that keeps Kalima going.

For our corporate office please call 1-904-693-1188

For customer service please call 1-904-693-0680

McDonald's has contributed $2 million to The Scripps Research Institute to address childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Lem Turner McDonald's

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 11130 Lem Turner Rd.
Jacksonville FL 32218

Phone: 904-765-7051
Manager: Kalima Rose
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